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WillMo - My Soul For A Song, Chapter Two

7th October 2006 (09:48)

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Fandom: William Moseley [Actor]
Title: My Soul For A Song (Chapter Two)
Author: nightshade_fic aka sg_crazy
Rating: PG-13/Teen
Pairing: WillMo/OC
Summary: He would willingly exchange his soul for another verse of song from her lips, without care of consequence…
Words: 1,325
Warning(s): Sexual Situations [Mild]


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It was nearing midnight when the concert concluded, and William had been glued to his seat throughout, in hopes of another glimpse of the angel-voiced Elaena Portillo. Though several singers had made a re-appearance, the young Spanish woman had remained scarce (much to his disappointment). However, his heart lightened at the possibility of seeing her again at the after-party, which was to take place at a nearby hotel.

He hastily made his exit, shooting polite smiles here and there, until, finally, he found himself in a large hotel lounge, filled to the brim with distinguished individuals clad in what was undoubtedly their most expensive attire.

One of the hotel staff passed, tray of champagne flutes precariously balanced in one hand. William grabbed a glass without a second thought and took a sip of the bittersweet liquid. A few of these and, with luck, he’d be plastered in no time. But at present, he wanted to keep his mind clear…

He scanned the surrounding area for the Spanish beauty that had enraptured him so, and began prowling the outer edges of the large room, eyes darting from person to person, group to group, until, finally, he found her.

She was stood amidst a cluster of elderly women, nervously clutching her champagne flute in both hands, looking completely lost.

William quickly downed the last of his bubbly, discarded the glass, and made a b-line for the young Opera Singer. He stood by for a moment, listening in on what the ladies had to say…

“Oh yes – you’d love my Timothy, I’m sure. Unfortunately he couldn’t make it tonight. Had to set off for Washington DC for a business meeting…”

“Lovely voice you have, darling. Truly angelic…”

“Staying for long, dear? You must allow me to escort you about the city – so many places to see…”

“Ladies,” William greeted with a nod of his head. They all stopped speaking and turned to look at him, eyes glinting with delight. Even Elaena had averted her attention to him.

“Well Mr. Moseley!” one exclaimed, her smile making her wrinkles particularly prominent. “You are looking handsome tonight.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Poole.”

“Did you enjoy the Opera?” another queried.

“I did indeed, Ms. Jones. Thoroughly.” There was a note of finality to his tone – a subtle hint for them to bugger off and leave Elaena and himself alone.

It went unnoticed.

They spoke for what seemed an eternity, until the older women seemingly ran out of breath and wandered off for refreshments. William briefly closed his eyes, silently thanking God for peace.

“Elaena, right?” he turned to the singer, finding her staring down into her half-empty flute.

“Si. Yes.” She hesitantly looked up at him, her face appearing especially drawn.

“Are you alright?” William asked, suddenly overtaken with worry.

She nodded slightly, glanced around the room. Finally, she spoke. “I feel… how do you say?...” She motioned with a hand, indicating that she was having trouble finding the right word (which William found somewhat endearing). “…Uh… Choke?”

“You mean ‘suffocated’?” he supplied.

She nodded vigorously. “Si – yes. Sorry. My English – not so good…” She gave him a sheepish smile. That explained why she’d looked much like a rabbit caught in headlights earlier. Those old hens could talk for England.

“That’s perfectly alright,” he hastened to reassure her, realising he’d more or less put his foot in it. He must’ve sounded like a right indignant prat – correcting her like that… “Would you like to take a walk?” he asked, in hopes of brushing away his blunder. “I believe there’s a garden on the roof.”

She smiled, obviously pleased with the prospect of escaping the clutches of twittering admirers. “That, I would like – very much.” She set down her half-finished drink on a nearby table, and William led her out of the crowded room, hand resting lightly on the small of her back in silent warning to those who contemplated intercepting the two for a word with the young Spanish woman.

Once in the lift, William inwardly sighed, relieved. He could breathe, at last – not being sandwiched between snotty old millionaires. Both were silent as they made their ascent – discretely studying each other through the corners of her eyes.

“I have seen you before, no?” Elaena was the first to break the silence, brows raised in question.

“I’m an actor…” was the hesitant response.

“Ah! Si! Narnia!” she grinned, excited. “William Moseley?”

He barely suppressed a shiver at the way his named rolled off her tongue. God! He didn’t think any woman had ever made his name sound so… sexy.

Ignoring the twinge beneath his beltline, William smiled, nodded. “That’s me.” The lift pinged, and the doors swept open. He allowed Elaena to precede him out of the elevator, and motioned to a set of stairs that led up to the open roof.

The garden was illuminated by several solar-powered lamps which (quite frankly) supplied as much light as an intoxicated firefly (combined). Being in the centre of London, however, provided sufficient lighting – garden lamps aside. It was also quiet – the sounds of traffic below barely reaching the hotel’s height, and almost drowned out by the gentle rustling of various shrubs in the light breeze of early Autumn. Elaena continued walking several steps, heels clicking against the concrete. Eventually, she stopped, turned to him with a shy smile.

William’s breath caught at the way her tanned face glowed in the combined illumination of moonlight (the clouds seemed to have cleared at that exact moment) and far off street lights. It took all of his strength not to stride over, take her in his arms, and give her a thorough kiss. A ludicrous notion – he knew. She was a virtual stranger, after all.

“You enjoyed tonight’s performance?” The question cut through his thoughts, and he cleared his throat, a little uncomfortably.

William noticed the way her brows had furrowed ever so slightly, as she’d obviously misinterpreted his reaction. “It was wonderful!” he hastily exclaimed, taking an unconscious step towards the woman. “You have, quite possibly, the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard.” His voice had softened as the sentence progressed, and he found himself staring longfully at her glistening lips.

“I am glad.” She’d coyly ducked her head, and William was again drawn from improper thoughts.

Silence hung thick in the air for what seemed an age, until William finally found the courage to voice the request that had been incessantly prodding at his mind for the last several hours.

“Would you sing for me?”

Elaena raised her face, expression puzzled.

“I mean… only if you want…”

She opened her mouth, as though to answer, but instead inhaled deeply and began to sing. He could only describe it as ‘magical’ – Elaena’s pure voice mixed with their current location. He silently watched as her lips moved fluently to form each word.

The lyrics were foreign, but he could sense from the way she seemed at ease with them that the words currently flowing from her mouth were Spanish. She was losing herself in the melody (as was he), and both were surprised, once the song had ended, to find the distant Big Ben toll two am.

Elaena returned her gaze to the young actor, having stared out into the night – in the clock’s direction. The corners of her lips quirked into a smile, which, William couldn’t help but notice, seemed the tiniest bit sorrowful.

“My Agent,” she spoke, voice barely above a whisper. “He will be thinking where I am.” That said, she walked passed him, and he’d only just regained his senses (which had temporarily dissipated as a result of her singing) before she’d disappeared from sight.

“Will I see you again?”

She stopped, turned to look at him. The only response he got was a small shrug accompanied by an enigmatic smile. And then, she was gone.

William shook his head and grinned to himself.

He’d see her again. He’d make sure of it…

~ fin.


Posted by: Becca (cowpunchercats)
Posted at: 9th October 2006 05:03 (UTC)

this is great so far! the writing is superb!

Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: 9th October 2006 21:27 (UTC)

Don't let this be ur last chapter because I love it!!!!!

Posted by: Nightshade Fiction (nightshade_fic)
Posted at: 10th October 2006 15:53 (UTC)
Celeb // WillMo

I was starting to think that I'd rushed the story (I don't exactly have a lot of free time on my hands these days). So it was alright?

Posted by: Becca (cowpunchercats)
Posted at: 13th October 2006 05:11 (UTC)

yeah, it was great! I like how she cant speak fluent in english

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